Launched in 2022, WAC Museums is a 6-week fellowship program providing training, coaching, and mentoring to become web3 literate to enhance arts and culture and be fully equipped to develop web3 projects.

WAC Museums is made possible thanks to the support of the Tezos Foundation, in collaboration with LAL Art.
WAC Museums

As arts institutions navigate social, environmental, and economic flux, web3 opens a new world of challenges and opportunities.

WAC Museums brings an exclusive and intensive six-week training designed explicitly for cultural institutions embarking on their web3 journey. This program covers a diverse range of topics, from the fundamental principles of web3 to the innovative applications of blockchain for museums, the boundless potential of immersive computing and the metaverse, and the transformative influence of generative artificial intelligence.

By participating in our program, your team will be equipped with profound insights into the evolving nexus between emerging technologies and the art world, empowering them to adeptly navigate this dynamic landscape.

Season 3 (2024) is now over. Stay tuned for whats next.

Our Areas of Research

One of the main goals of WAC Museums is to explore the potential use cases of blockchain technology for cultural institutions, especially around these questions:

  • How arts and culture institutions can use web3 technology to further their mission for social good, and a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • How institutions can include web3 in their commitment to environmental justice. This includes frank discussions of environmental justice, sustainable practices, and climate activism.

  • How institutions can use web3 to navigate the financial crisis weighing down on the culture sector. We research new economic models for fundraising, membership, and revenue distribution.

Preview of the Curriculum

Week 1: NFT and Blockchain Art Primers

Dive into the history of art registered to blockchains, explore how the NFT market functions, discover five iconic artistic projects in Web3, and stay updated on NFT art events and trends.

Week 2: Blockchain Origins, Ethics and Tech

Explore the origins of Web3, gain an overview of decentralized ledgers and blockchain wallets, address security and privacy considerations of blockchain usage, and delve into the culture and ethics associated with this revolutionary technology.

Week 3: Web3 Use Cases for Museums

Unlock the potential of Web3 for museums, including on-chain audience engagement, digital art exhibitions, innovative fundraising strategies, and the creation of museum Web3 communities through DAOs and loyalty programs.

Week 4: Museums Meet Immersive Internet

Immerse yourself in the world of the immersive internet, understand its landscape and platforms, explore audience engagement in virtual worlds, and speculate on the future of the metaverse in the context of museums.

Week 5: Harnessing AI for Museums

Equip yourself with the basics of AI and machine learning, discover AI's role in the arts and culture sector, explore how AI can enhance content creation and curation in museums, and examine its potential to improve the museum visitor experience.

Week 6: Ethics and Sustainability Considerations

Delve into the ethical and sustainability dimensions of Web3, including strategies for making a positive impact, assessing the environmental footprint of blockchain and AI, understanding legal considerations in the art industry and exploring intellectual property (IP) and AI.

Cohort 2024
Cleveland Public Library (United States), Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art (United States), Design Museum Brussels (Belgium), Die Neue Sammlung, Pinakothek der Moderne (Germany), Domaine national de Chambord (France), FUNDACIÓN UXÍO NOVONEYRA (Spain), Grand Egyptian Museum (Egypt), House of Arts Veszprém (Hungary), Hungarian National Museum (Hungary), IKSV - Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (Turkey), Museum Ulm (Germany), Muzeul National de Arta Timisoara (Romania), Palais de Tokyo (France), Parque Explora Corporation - Interactive Science Museum (Colombia), Sigg Art Foundation (Belgium), Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (Greece), Swiss National Museum (Switzerland), The Kyiv National Art Gallery (Ukraine), Van Gogh Museum (The Netherlands), and XR HUB Bavaria (Germany).
Cohort 2023
ACMI - Australian Centre for the Moving Image (Australia), Belvedere Museum (Austria), Haus der Kunst München (Germany), HEK - House of Electronic Arts (Switzerland), French Ministry of Culture (France), Institute for Sound and Music (Germany), Musée d'Orsay and Musée de l'Orangerie (France), Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka), National Taras Shevchenko Museum (partnering with ArtAegis and Modern Art Research Institute) (Ukraine), The Royal College of Art (United Kingdom) and the Wooko Makandie Foundation (The Netherlands).
Cohort 2022
BeFantastic (India), C/O Berlin (Germany), Light Art Space Foundation (Germany), NXT Museum (The Netherlands), Octobre Numérique (France), Signal Festival (Czech Republic), Van Gogh Museum (The Netherlands), Villa Albertine (United States)
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