Learn from those who are shaping the future of the arts and culture.

WAC Courses invites you to explore web3 technology and how it can be used by the arts and culture sector. This training will help you shape your own opinion through critical thinking and equip you with the tools you need.
WAC Courses
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Unlock the future of arts & culture with WAC Courses in Web3

Web3 and blockchain technologies are reshaping the cultural and museum sectors, offering unprecedented opportunities for engagement, art acquisition, and preservation.

Our WAC Courses training, crafted with insights from the forefront of blockchain and digital innovation, unveils the potential of these technologies beyond their initial financial applications.

Spanning several comprehensive modules, our training demystifies how blockchain, NFTs, and AI can revolutionize museum experiences, operations, and outreach.

These courses have been produced thanks to the support of the Tezos Foundation since 2021.

Made by Experts
Our courses are made by cultural experts for cultural professionals.
1h30 Max per Module
We get to the point of avoid wasting your time, while providing both theory & practice
Self Paced Training
Follow our courses on your own time, at your own pace, and on any device.
Token-based Certificate
You'll get a token-based certificate at the end of the training
Why WAC Courses?
  • Foundational to Advanced Learning
    From blockchain basics to advanced Web3 applications, navigate through modules designed for cultural professionals.
  • Real-World Applications
    Explore how museums globally are adopting these technologies for innovative engagement and operational efficiency.
  • Expert-Led Innovation
    Learn from pioneers at the crossroads of blockchain tech and cultural heritage, with a community-focused platform for collaboration and growth.
  • Designed for the Modern Professional
    Tailored for professionals, our courses offer the convenience to learn at your own pace, fitting around your schedule.
What would you get?
On-demand access to expert-led lessons
Activities and case-studies
Dedicated resources
Video transcripts
Access to our WIKI with 300+ useful links
Connect with 2500+ members in our online community
Who is it for?
Museum Professionals
Curators, educators, and administrators looking to integrate blockchain and Web3 technologies into their exhibitions, collections, and audience engagement strategies.
Collectors & Foundations
Art collectors and cultural foundations interested in the possibilities of digital ownership, provenance verification, and the transformative potential of NFTs in the art world.
Innovators & Creators
Artists and digital creators exploring new mediums and platforms, and anyone at the forefront of blending technology with cultural heritage.
After this course, you will be able to
  • Understand Blockchain Basics
    Dive into blockchain's impact on digital authenticity and ownership.
  • Implement Web3 in Museums
    Apply blockchain for engaging exhibitions, art acquisitions, audience interactions, and fundraising.
  • Leverage NFTs and Blockchain Art
    Curate and manage NFT collections, and utilize blockchain art to enhance museum experiences.
  • Explore the Immersive Internet and Generative AI for Culture
    Extend your reach into virtual worlds and immersive platforms, and shift your practice thanks to AI.
  • Embrace Ethics, Sustainability and Legal Considerations
    Address the environmental impact, ethical and legal considerations of using blockchain and AI.
  • Adopt Decentralized Governance
    Learn how DAOs can democratize museum operations and decision-making.
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CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Museums and Blockchain

Level: Beginner

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MODULE 10 - Intermediate to Advanced
MODULE 11 - Intermediate to Advanced
MODULE 12 - Intermediate to Advanced
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Meet our experts
We have brought together the best art and culture change-makers worldwild
  • Fanny Lakoubay
    WAC Lab (Argentina)
    Web3 + Art
  • Daniella Jozsef

    WAC Lab (Germany)
    Blockchain Tech
  • Regina Harsanyi

    Museum of the Moving Image (United States)
    Blockchain Art
  • Martin Zeilinger

    Abertay University (Scotland)
    IP + AI
  • Oonagh Murphy

    Goldsmiths, University of London (United Kingdom)

    AI for Museums

  • Frances Liddell

    The University of Edinburgh (Scotland)
    Audience Engagement
  • Pierre Noro

    Sciences Po (France)
    Web3 + Sustainability
  • Diane Drubay

    We Are Museums / WAC Lab (France)
    Web3 + Museums
  • Elisabeth Gravil

    Museovation (France)
    Museum Metaverses
  • Gareth Fletcher

    Sotheby's Institute of Art (United Kingdom)
    Blockchain + Art Market
  • Bika Rebek

    Some Place Studio (Germany)
    Metaverse Architecture
  • Samuel Kahler

    The Giving Block (United States)
    Web3 Charity
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