WAC Lab: A Catalyst for Transformation

WAC Lab represents a transformative opportunity to reshape the art and culture landscape through web3 literacy and experimentation. It transforms knowledge seekers into advocates, ensuring that adoption aligns with strategic goals. By nurturing a generation of digitally empowered cultural professionals, we envision a future where web3 innovation seamlessly enriches institutions' expression and audience engagement.

Guiding Arts & Culture Through Transformation

After more than a decade of guiding museums through change and innovation, We Are Museums embarked in 2021 on a web3 journey with the program “WAC Lab” (which stands for ‘Web3 for the Arts and Culture’), catalyzing the fusion of art and culture with web3 technologies. With the support of key partners, our mission is to equip professionals with web3 literacy, leveraging a range of innovative programs and resources. As the ultimate educational platform for web3 innovation in the arts and culture, our vision unfolds, uniting cultural institutions and builders to usher in socio-technological evolution.

Designed in closed collaboration with TZ Connect (former Berlin entity of the Tezos Foundation) and LAL Art, and prototyped with LAS Art Foundation, WAC Lab was launched in December 2021 in ArtBasel Miami Beach.
Our Recipe

WAC Lab stands out through its fusion of web3 technology with the rich tapestry of art and culture. Our approach blends theoretical insights and practical applications with mentoring and coaching, ensuring participants not only understand web3 but can also effectively implement it within their institutions. We also work through seasons, giving space and time for the market and participants to evolve and mature.

They supported WAC Lab along the way
Strategic Objectives

  • Onboarding and Engagement: Proactively introduce arts and culture players to web3 benefits.
  • Education and Empowerment: Empower art and culture professionals with essential web3 skills.
  • Innovation and Collaboration: Stimulate blockchain integration and development, and transformative partnerships.
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