The Web3 Innovation Lab for the Arts & Culture
Learn and harness web3 innovation with museum trailblazers for unprecedented impact
Launched in December 2021, WAC Lab is organised by We Are Museums, powered by Tezos, in collaboration with LAL ART.
MAY 30 - 4PM CEST /
MAY 30 - 4PM CEST /
MAY 30 - 4PM CEST /
MAY 30 - 4PM CEST /
Our Programs
A space to discuss freely and learn. WAC Weekly is a recurring online conversation where we exchange knowledge on the latest relevant topics on the intersection of web3 and the arts and cultures. WAC Weekly is organised every Wednesday at 6pm CET.
A learning and mentoring journey for arts and culture institutions. This is a multiple weeks program to learn about blockchain and web3, how these new technologies can be used by museums. Through intensive teaching and tutorship, make your museum team be web3-ready (upon application).
An accelerator program to build your first web3 project. This is a 4-week program to developed your first web3 project in close collaboration with a web3 tech integrators . This effort is intended to go beyond the current web3 trends and explore meaningful use cases for lasting impact.
We gathered here all the info you need to start your web3 journey. Whether you are looking for examples of web3 art adoption, or just want to find where to collect art, it is all here.
Testimonies From Our Fellows
  • WAC is both a very resourceful program for institutions that want to exploit Web3 and a great platform/network for people working in this field.
    Nina Roehrs
  • The WAC Museums triggered the launch of our first concrete experiment.
    Constance de Marliave
    Musée d’Orsay
  • WAC offered the right input and support to kickstart our work in the Web3 space.
    Sarah Johanna Theurer
    Haus der Kunst München
  • Participating in the WAC Museums brought clarity to many of the mysteries we were hoping to solve while offering us the support we need to step forward into the kind of future we believe is possible.
    Nick Meehan
    Institute for Sound and Music
  • The WAC Museums program provided a great opportunity for sharing a space with museums that are starting or are already on the Web3 journey.
    Design Museum Brussels
  • WAC Lab gathers a wonderful cohort of members from around the globe to gather and engage in thoughtful topics centered on Web3 and its technologies. I've really appreciated having a dedicated time and space to meet with my peers and learn from each other.
    Kimberly Ly
    Crystal Bridges Museum and the Momentary
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